Intriguing & Compelling -Dovogame's Business Tycoon Online Game!

Over the past few years, it has been interesting watching an emerging pattern of online games. Obviously there has been the ever increasing online casino games which we all love to play. What about a game where one wants to become a business tycoon online, but it's only a game. Sounds a bit strange at first but these games have been round for a while and certainly a lot more popular than one would have originally thought!

As well as the business tycoon online game which will be looked at in a moment, there are some other tycoon games which seem to be stirring up some considerable interest.

There's the Mega Miner game, where one is encouraged to dig deep dirty shafts, as a result of which, they get down dirty rich! There's a burger Tycoon game, where it would seem the object of the game is for the player to make their way to a Billion in the burger market. Perhaps one could be interested in playing the motorcycle tycoon games, where they have a chance to race for bike glory with their racing bike empire, pretty exciting and imaginative stuff one has to conclude.

It is claimed that Business Tycoon Online or BTO as it is frequently called, is the world's best sim (simulation) game. It was created in 2010 by Dovogame and racked up some 30 million users in the Asian market since that time. The game itself is free to play and will work on most PC's that have proper access to an internet connection.

Looking at Monopoly, the strategy of this game is an easy one to grasp. With Monopoly the player is looking to become a property magnate, he who ends up with the most money from his property acquisitions wins the game.

With the Business Tycoon Online game, the concept is very much the same. The players compete against each other in the same marketplace to acquire as much revenue as possible to the detriment of their rivals. They want to reach the top, no matter what. Guess it's still a dog eat dog world, but let's not get carried away, after all it's only a game, eh?