Is It Possible To Learn a Craps Odds Table - Could It Be Useful?

The key to playing online craps is all to do with odds and understanding the Craps odds. The game of craps is played with a set of dice. On each of the two dice there are numbers 1-6. When these two dice are rolled the numbers on the faced up dice are added together to give a numbers total. Each total number combination has its own calculated odds of coming up based on the chances of that particular combined total number being rolled.

Here are some examples. There are numerous ways the combined total number of 6 can be rolled by the shooter with the two dice: 2+4, 1+5, 3+3, 4+2 and 5+1.

Now looking at a total contrast, how many ways can 2 be made out of the two dice? Well it certainly isn't five, that's pretty evident. There's only one way to roll it with the two dice and that's with a 1+1.

This also means since the frequency of this number coming up is far less than a 6, the odds are counteracted in favour of the player and are far greater, with the payout higher for a rarer combination. As a side note, there is also a bet called a hardway bet. This is a bet that not only tries to pick out the number, example 4, but also the combination of the two dice making that number as with 1+3.

Understanding the craps odds, can help the player in deciding which are the best combinations to play Here's some other combinations and odds with the toughest numbers to roll first up.

2 +12 = Odds 1:36

There's only one combo for each of these, 1+1 & 6+6. The harder it is to roll, the higher the pay out. These two are the hardest.

3+11 = Odds 1:18

Both numbers can be made from two dice combinations as opposed to one, so accordingly the odds are halved.

4+10 = Odds 1:12

Both these numbers can be made from three different combinations.

5+9 = Odds 1:9

Four different combinations are possible from both these numbers.

Last but not least in compiling the Craps odds is lucky number 7 with odds of 1:6. Anyone having followed along this far will have deduced it's the most common number combination to come up when playing craps. Ready to play the game now perhaps?