Different Video Poker Odds

Video Poker, a variation of its original live game put into the screen - available for online or even in various casinos, is without a doubt, one of the most renowned and indulged game of different waging enthusiasts. The original version of the game is already enough fun for everyone, but as it was put into the screen and more available; it even became more known and played by many. This is because of various reasons that involve what specific players prefer especially the difference in gameplay as well as the Video poker odds compared to the original one.

The original version of the game screams for the need of tactical mind prowess. Reading or predicting what your opponent is thinking is very crucial as to what steps you're going to do next. But as it was put into the screen, the connection to other players is far lessened, thus actually predicting their moves and what they're thinking based on their slightest movements is next to impossible. Video poker odds however are incredibly the same whatever machine you're playing on. Although there might be differences in number of cards - thus difference in odds, and differences in payouts, the chances of winning are all in all the same.

In order for you to play the game and understand the odds, you need to be knowledgeable about the basics of the game - this includes the hands for winning. Each hand will have different odds: Royal Flush is 1 in every 649,740 chance; The Straight Flush is 1 in every 72,193; Four-of-a-Kind is 1 in 4,165; Full house in 1 over 694; Flush in 1 over 509; A straight in 1 over 255; Three-of-a-Kind in 1 over 47; Two Pairs is 1 in every 21; Pair of Jack, Queen, King and Ace is 1 in every 7.69; and Any pair has the chance of 1 in 2.37.

There are also different odds for every type of hand in every instance - how high the chance is of getting the type of hand based on the card/s you are already holding. Knowing this different type of odds and understanding them fully will not only give you full grasp of the game, but it will also maximize the fun and earnings you might get.