It's Not A Business Simulation Game. But Paintballing Works OK!

It is said by the experts that when adults use information as opposed to just hearing it they absorb it better. This can be clearly demonstrated by a business simulation game, where a real life business situation is created and resolved.

A lot of larger companies look at diverse ways of building relationships amongst their key managers. In such cases they may look at a business simulation game such as "Paintballing". Although not strictly a "business" game that is actually simulated, it's certainly a popular game used by large companies to foster bonding and working alongside each other amongst their key employees.

The company will arranges a fun day out for specially selected personnel with the instruction of dressing down in jeans and tee -shirt for this casual affair.

They're whisked away to a relaxed countryside environment, anticipating an upper management barbeque with beers and entertainment, only to suddenly realize the festivities and refreshments don't actually come until later. That is once they're acquainted with each other better. After that, they're now all divided into two teams. Now they head down to the forest. They're really here for a Paintballing game!

Here the two teams band and bond together and face each other in simulated combat with paintball guns and goggles. One team is given a fortress to attack the other to defend, and ultimately one team wins and one team loses.

Some team members will give orders some will take them, some will use their organisational skills in organising the man power, others their skills in negotiating the terrain, all talents come to the forefront as this exciting game is played out as if real.

By team interaction and participation, colleagues get to experience new dimensions to others personalities they were previously unaware of. This can advance mutual respect and trust in their normal working relationships, or even instigate it if previously it was not there. Team bonding's the name of the game!

Generally speaking a business simulation game replicates reality and allows those participating to experience real life situations. It is a competitive game with structured rules where obstacles have to be overcome, decisions have to be made and everyone has to work together towards the common goal. It's not the outcome that's important, more the thought process of being involved in the activity. Far more effective than just listening!