The Different Roulette Bets and Odds

Roulettes are already common when it comes to gambling. It's already far spread across different sectors of the industry - both offline and online, and has enticed almost all players globally to play it. This outcome is pretty much comprehensible as this game is both fun and rewarding. Just by taking risks, you'll get the chance of receiving lots of dough all while being filled with excitement, thrill and fun. But of course, understanding the roulette odds are always better than playing blindly within those tables. We will talk about roulette odds and which roulette variants are the best to play on this page, but if you want to find how to make winning gambling bets in all popular casino games, visit

Fun is definitely one of the reasons for playing these types of games, but of course, having the edge and receiving money are just as important. The roulette odds, as the term suggests, will help you have full understanding of your winning percentages when you execute a specific bet.

There are tons of bets out there and each bet has different odds of winning. The bets are also categorized to outside bets and the inside bets - the former having great chances but less payouts whilst the latter have less chances yet higher payouts. One of the most common bets are the colour bet of red and black - giving 1:1 payout and a percentage winning of 47.37% for American, and 48.65% for European. The chances here are also the same as betting in Even/odds as well as Low/high. The Dozen bet gives a 2:1 payout marking 32.43% chance in European and 31.58% in American. This is also the case with Column bets.

First in the inside bets is the '6 number' with payout of 5:1 having the odds of 16.22% for European and 15.79% for American. The 5 Number bet gives 13.16% in the American probability. The 4 Number bet on the other hand marks 10.53% for American and 10.81% for European. The 3 Number bet has 8.11% chance of happening for European and 7.89% chance for American. The 2 Number bet has 5.41% of winning for European while 5.26% for the American. Lastly, the Single number bet gives a chance of 2.7% for European while 2.63% for American.

All the inside bets have codenames which you can search for yourself so you could enjoy playing more while being able to understand some basic lingos in betting. This way you'll be able to maximize your enjoyment and gaming experience, all while having mastered the Roulette odds in order to grab bags of dough when you finish playing.