Sic Bo Odds: Computing for your chances of Winning

The waging industry has definitely revolutionized over the past years. It has incorporated different ideas of games and technology into making the best waging games to serve to their highly-valued and loyal players and clients. One of the most known Asian waging game back then is the 'Sic Bo' - more specifically, it's a Chinese game which involves throwing three die. But before that, players will have to bet on numbers they believe will appear. There're certain bets each players can make, and each bet will deliver different. It is also very evident that since this game only requires three die and the bet of its players, the Sic Bo odds are one of the easiest odds to compute or predict.

Knowing the odds in a gamble or risk is a huge edge as it will allow you to make more comprehensible decisions. But before knowing those odds, it is highly recommended for you to know the different betting options in this game. There are tons of sites where you can search the basic information about this game and trust me, it will certainly be fulfilling for you to be aware of other details about the game. Once that's done, it will be time to focus on the different Sic Bo odds.

Three die will give you vast range of outcomes which are possible to turn up and each of these possibilities are of course, available for you to choose from. More precisely, there are 216 combinations from the three die which are possible - this is from 6 x 6 x 6 which is based from the basic mathematical computation for probability.

The differences of each game that can be found from different establishments will be the payout and the odds or betting options that will be offered. This is extremely crucial but since the probability computation is the same every time, it will be easy for you to compute for the odds yourself as long as you know math.

Let's take for example a situation where you could be waging for a double wager - this involves two numbers of your bet to turn up among the three die. Also, let's add to the situation that the establishment will be paying a 10 - 1 odd. Thus, there will be a total of 16 combinations which are possible out of all the whole possibility of 216 combinations. This means you'll have 7.4% winning percentage. In short, you'll be left with the possibility of winning 10 units for 7.4% chance, while the remaining is the percentage of you losing a unit. Thus, the house edge is 18.5% - this is incredibly high and this means that the house or establishment will earn more than you imagine.

Calculating the Sic Bo Odds is incredibly easy as long as you know basic knowledge about the game. This will give you the capability of executing wiser decisions thus you'll be able to avoid more losses and make more profits - at least that's the whole point, but remember to enjoy the game while taking the risks!